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Terra Universal, Inc. manufactures and supplies a wide range of products for use in the semiconductor, electronics, medical, and pharmaceutical industries to name a few.

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Modular Cleanrooms CLN_softwallCarlc

Hardwall & softwall designs
  • Free-standing steel frames require no external support
  • Many panel materials, including dissipative PVC
  • Any size or configuration, including internal walls
  • Pharmaceutical designs feature easy-clean stainless or powder coated steel panels
  • HEPA/ULPA to Class 1, A/C, and complete lines of furnishings, including benches, shelving & storage

Laminar Flow & Exhaust Fume Hoods hds_tervlfbenchc

Hundreds of standard models
  • HEPA/ULPA-filtered units meet any cleanliness requirement
  • Ductless exhaust models contain chemical vapors
  • Bonded charcoal purification filters ensure uniform filtration, contain charcoal dust
  • Dozens of benchtop and free-standing designs, in six materials
  • Vertical or horizontal flow
  • Ionizers, work surfaces & other accessories

Desiccators des_terss4001fix2c

Stainless steel, acrylic or dissipative PVC
  • Clean, low-RH storage extends shelf lives, reduces defects
  • Smart N2 purge controls boost efficiency & reliability, provide chamber-by-chamber datalogging
  • Full plenum chambers for uniform gas distribution
  • Revolutionary stainless steel door frames with one-piece gaskets ensure long service life
  • Available in static-dissipative PVC, which controls surface charges and the particles they attract

Glove Boxes & Vacuum Chambers

Available with stainless steel radius corners and HEPA-filtration modules
  • Customized environmental control on a standard basis:
    • Humidity Control (%RH or dew point)
    • Temperature (-20° to +250°C)
    • Open or Closed-Loop HEPA/ULPA Filtration
    • Low/High Pressure
    • Ionization & Dissipative Plastics
  • Accessories include pass-through ovens, air locks, nitrogen generators and process gas mixers

Cleanroom Work Stations 153152Ac

Specify knock-down models for economical shipping
  • UltraClean™ electropolished designs certified Class 1-compatible
  • Rod, perforated and solid tops feature ergonomic, aerodynamic bullnosed front edges
  • Adjustable or recessed bases
  • Vibration-isolation and ErgoHeight™ auto-adjusting models enhance productivity
  • Full lines of cleanroom laminate and acid-resistant tops
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