ML-69B Series - 2000 W - 5000 W Fiber Laser Welder
Fiber Laser welder ML-69-b
The ML-69 B Series are high-power fiber laser welders with a maximum output of 5 kW. High power laser enables welding of even thick plates at a high speed.

One compact, proven industrial package with the Miyachi worldwide support makes it an ideal production tool. The integrated back reflection measurement safeguard the laser in all circumstances against damage due to back reflection.

The good beam quality of the fiber lasers coupled with high CW (Continuous Wave) powers offers deep penetration welding at high speeds. These fiber lasers replace not only traditional CO2 laser and Disk lasers, but also MIG, TIG and electron beam welding.

The ML-69 B Series have the advantage of excellent laser oscillation efficiency, energy saving and low cost of ownership, resulting in contributing to environmentallyfriendly manufacturing. The integrated power measurement and active regulation provides exceptional stability of the pulse energy (typical <0,5% pulse to pulse).

The ML-69 B Series performs high-speed CW welding and welding of precision metal plates. Typical applications are welding of electronic components, automotive parts, mechanical parts, plastic parts, medical equipment and precision sheet metals; sealing of minute parts; fine spot welding; high-speed seam welding; thick plate welding; etc.
Key Features:
Model ML-6920 A ML-6930 A ML-6940 A ML-6950 A
Maximum rated output 2000 W 3000 W 4000 W 5000 W
Maximum peak power 2000 W 3000 W 4000 W 5000 W
Output mode repeat Standard: 0.1 - 500.0 msec (0.1 msec.incremental) - Switch to: 0.05 - 50.00 msec. (0.05 msec. incremental)
Output mode cw 0.01 - 100.00 sec. (0.01 sec. incremental) - 1 - 10000 sec. (1 sec. incremental)
Pulse repetition rate 1 - 5000 pps
Modulation 1 - 5000 Hz (sine wave, triangle wave, rectangular wave)
Wavelength 1070 - 1080 nm
Positioning guide light Built-in red-colored visual laser (Class 2M)
Output stability +/- 2% or below @maximum rated output
Optics Optical fiber / Dual time sharing (optional)
Delivery fibers 200 or 300 micron fiber cores. Connectors QBH both input and output side. Standard lengths 10 and 30 meters. Other fiber core diameters, connector types and fiber lengths available upon request
Number of schedules 256
Measurement Measure and display power (W)
Total counter 9 digits
Ld time counter 7 digits
Process time counter 7 digits 7 digits 7 digits
Power consumption (including cooling power consumption (14.7 kw)) Max. 24.7 kW Max. 29.7 kW Max. 30.7 kW Max. 44.7 kW Cooling
Cooling Water cooled
Pump source Laser Diode
Operating temperature 10 - 40 ºC
Weight (including control unit) 720 kg 760 kg 790 kg 900 kg
Dimensions HxWxD 1775 mm x 2050 mm x 1081 mm
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