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Single component time/pressure dispensing

Single component positive displacement dispensing

Jet-Pro dispensing
The dispensing of fluids, water-thin to pastes, is a process applied in almost every production environment. In the last 30 years we have experienced that serious cost savings can be achieved if the dispense process is taken care of in a professional way: using the right equipment for the different materials, whether it is a low viscosity CA glue or an abrasive, filled, 2-component paste.
Single component time/pressure dispensing

The easiest and fastest way to get your dispensing process professionalized: A relatively simple solution to most 1 component fluids, where time and air pressure determine the quantity of material that has to be dispensed. A basic bench-top controller is usually combined with a filled syringe for manual dispensing. Alternatively a valve system can be implemented for reasons like production speed or -consistency. Also production volumes may lead you to decide for a valve system, comprising a larger material pressure container.

Single component positive displacement dispensing

Positive displacement (also called volumetric) dispensing by nature guarantees most consistent deposit sizes independent form environmental factors. Your adhesive e.g. might change viscosity under changing ambient temperatures. Time/pressure dispensing will require continuous setting adjustments to keep the wanted volumes. Volumetric dispensing will not be influenced by these circumstantial factors at all. A valve system will always guarantee you a consistent dispense action.

Two component dispensing

If your production process requires you to choose a two-part fluid, a mix- and dispense system is required. These specific applications can be handled either by manual dispense products, where the mixing takes place inside e.g. the cartridges. After mixing, the fluid can be handled as a 1 component material using either manual dispensing or valve systems. Alternatively, complete metering and mixing systems can be used for higher volume production.

Jet Dispensing

Where dispense shot sizes are getting smaller, and/or when your products do not allow physical contact with e.g. a dispense needle, jetting is a most probable solution. Adhesives, greases, oils, fluxing agents and many other liquids are applied with a maximum of speed and accuracy through a piezo driven dispense valve, designed for extreme durability and low cost of ownership. The valve is electrically actuated.
The material may need to be pressurized between 6 and 50 Bar.

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