Hot Bar Systems
The Hot Bar stand-alone systems are a line of semi-automatic and automatic systems developed for Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, Heat-Sealing and ACF-Bonding. The systems deliver high connection quality, high throughput and have a flexibility that meets even the most demanding manufacturing requirements.

The hot-bar systems allow for easy loading and unloading and accurate positioning of the parts into part specific product jigs. The heating element processes the parts to produce a reliable thermo-mechanical joint at a safe distance away from the operator.

In most system layouts the processing takes place simultaneously to the loading/unloading of the part, improving operator output. Multiple heads inside one system enable a higher throughput. Alternatively it allows you to create multiple joints with different configurations to be made within one system.

Jupiter ACF Bonding systems
The Jupiter Hot Bar System for ACF Bonding includes both a pre-tacking and a final bonding process module.
Jupiter Heat Staking systems
AMADA WELD TECH’s Jupiter Heat Staking System is typically being purchased for parts which need a permanent (anti-tempering) mechanical joint between a thermoplastic part and non-plastic part.
Jupiter Hot Bar Bonding systems
AMADA WELD TECH’s Jupiter XS Hot Bar Bonding System is the smallest platform within the Jupiter System Series. It can be used for several applications, such as CCTV camera modules (Automotive), sensor array for digital X-ray devices (Medical), flex foil soldering for flexible electronics (Automotive) and soldering for wearable electronics (Medical).
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