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DT-150-PH Uni-Base
The Basic System


Uniflow Power Supply

Kapton Feeder Module
The Desktop DT-150-PH Uni-Base System is the first in a line of (semi-) automatic systems developed for Hot-Bar Soldering. The "PH" stands for the pulsed heat hot-bar (alternative Constant Heat can be delivered). The model "150" stands for the MIYACHI EUROPE desktop system without product movement. The Desktop Series deliver the same high connection quality as the larger and more sophisticated systems. For all production environments where labour costs are conservative, it offers an ideal price-performance (throughput) ratio. The flexibility makes it also perfectly suitable for R&D environments and integration in larger systems.
Recommended options:
Kapton Feeder Module
To avoid pollution of the thermode and to keep solder joint quality at the highest level, a Kapton Feeder Module can be used between the thermode and the products. This module consists of tow reels (spools). One spool holds a full reel of kapton, the other one winds the used kapton. The Kapton Feeder Module can be installed on each desktop system.

Alignment Module
If your parts require a very accurate (fine-pitch) alignment, we recommend to use an Optical Alignment Module. This includes a CCD camera with a special lens, special illumination, monitor and power supplies. The optical system magnifies and displays the track on the monitor. Operator speed and operator accuracy will surely increase.

Product Jig Module
Using the high quality MIYACHI EUROPE product jigs ensures optimum process quality. Product jigs are extremely important because bonding quality is influenced by co-planarity of the jigs, fine-alignment of the parts and materials used for the supporting blocks. We have many years of experience making jigs for a broad range of applications and processes. Ask our sales specialists about these modules.

Desktop Series Datasheet (ca. 100 kB)pdf
Kapton Feeder Datasheet (ca. 100 kB)pdf
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